End Time Prophecy

April 1, 2020

Recently numerous ministers across America have lost followers due to their response to COVID-19 conspiracy theories. When I read their comments about end-time prophecies, the new world order, and similar beliefs as it relates to COVID19, I usually respond with the following:

God is ABSOLUTELY Sovereign. There is nothing outside of His control. God is ABSOLUTELY Omniscient. There is nothing that He does not know- past, present, and future. God is ABSOLUTELY Omnipotent. There is nothing too hard or impossible for Him. His power has NO limits. God’s Sovereignty defies human logic.  Therefore, in regards to end-time conspiracy theories or New World Order theories (and the like), my response to everyone should be undeniably clear. If God has already written in His Word how things in the end time will happen, who are we to stop it, change it, or delay it? It is futile to take up arms to fight against something that God has ordained from the foundations of the world to come to pass. Instead, we should rest in the fact that if what He has written is coming to pass, then also the outcome He has written will also come to pass. Now here is the caveat- If we are NOT certain that the actions taken by mankind today are prophecy related, but are in fact the normal antics of mankind’s sinful nature, then it is ok to fight against the system. The question you should ask yourself is which do you believe? Do you believe these events are prophecy fulfillment or the normal antics of sinful man?  If you believe these events are prophecy fulfillment, and you fight against it, are you not fighting against God Himself?  

I would love to hear your opinion on this matter. Please feel free to respond wherever you see this posted. If you agree with me, simply copy and paste the above statement in the comment section of every social media post that discusses end time prophesy or related theories.